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  • 2020/03/22Why prepare a surface?China Omar Industrial Co. Ltd

    Why prepare a surface?Proper surface preparation is essential for the success of any protective coating system. The 

  • 2020/03/19Shot Blasting Machine MaintenanceChina Omar Industrial Co. Ltd

    Shot Blasting Machine Maintenance  Standard 19.5” diameter wheel at 2250 RPM develops abrasive velocity of approximately 245 ft/sec (or 167 miles per hour). Thus the impact force delivered t

  • 2020/03/19What is a sand blasting machine?China Omar Industrial Co. Ltd

    Sand blasting machine is a tool used in the process of sand blasting or abrasive blasting, which is a surface altering or cleaning procedure widely used throughout industry. An example use of sand bla

  • 2020/03/19Shot Blasting Machine - ApplicationsChina Omar Industrial Co. Ltd

    There are numerous applications of shot blasting machines.The first and foremost application is cleaning of castings to remove loose and burnt sand and scale from ferrous and non-ferrous castings.&nbs

  • 2020/03/19What is Surface Preparation?China Omar Industrial Co. Ltd

    Surface Preparation is the process of removing preexisting coating(s), residue, organic matter, oxidation, or other contamina

  • 2020/03/225 Suggestions for Machine Select

    While choosing abrasive blasting equipment, firstly, you should make clear the material of the workpiece you are go

  • 2020/03/22Look into Market Tendency of Shot Blasting Treatment

    Look into Market Tendency of Shot Blasting Treatment  Shot blasting, as a method of steel surface treatment me

  • 2020/03/20Surface Preparation Methods

    Surface Preparation MethodsShotblasting This method is a one-step process which strips, cleans and etches simultaneously. All

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