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What is a sand blasting machine?

Sand blasting machine is a tool used in the process of sand blasting or abrasive blasting, which is a surface altering or cleaning procedure widely used throughout industry. An example use of sand blasting machine is removal of old paint as well as rust on your car. Learn more about sand blasting machine on our lens, as we gather useful information as well as offers for quality sand blasting machines.


Sand blasting machine is a machine, which function is propelling abrasive media, most commonly sand, onto target surface with intent of removing contaminants, carving or hardening the surface, in short abrasive blasting or, more commonly, sand blasting.


Sand blasting is a widely used process and its used can be seen in nearly all industries and services. Most common is the use of sand blasting machine for removing rust and old color in order to repaint the product (vehicles, machines etc.). Sand blasting machines are widely used in factories, where they are used for many purposes, such as cleaning, carving, hardening etc.


Sand blasting machines that use softer media, such as nut shell fragments, are typically used on materials with sensitive underlying material (wall bricks, etc.) - graffiti removal is one of common tasks for these machines. Another type of sand blasting machines uses dry ice, which evaporates on impact and doesn't contaminate the air, thus it poses no health hazard to the user. Finally, shot blasting machine uses shot pellets (glass, steel etc.) that deform the surface on impact, hardening it. Example use is hardening aircraft hulls that gain higher stress resistance at no weight gain.


Sand blasting machine can be any size, from miniature (as big as microwave) to whole sandblasting factory chambers. Most common are portable sand blasting machines and sand blasting cabinets, which can be used for a large variety of tasks.


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