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Shot Blasting Machine

Rebar And Wire Rod Shot Blast Machine

Rebar And Wire Rod Shot Blast Machine
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Detailed description

Rebar And Wire Rod Shot Blast Machine 


 The application of this machine:

This series equipments use all protects and the non-pit design, and is disposited wire rods special-purpose force 

built-in impeller heads, the wearing parts are few, the replacement is simple quickly, the production efficiency is

 extremely high. 

1. Remove rust and oxide layer on the surface of the wire.
2. After blasting, wire rod surface presents a uniform roughness, which will help to increase the adhesion of the 

aluminum clad copper clad, cladding uniform will never fall off.

3. Eliminate the internal stress generated in the wire drawing process.
4. Increase the wire surface tensile strength and resistance to stress corrosion cracking, permanent life. The 

machine is best suitable models for wire surface oxide skin treatment.

The performance of Iron Bar Shot blasting machine  :


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