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Sand Peening Machine

Sand Blast Cabinet

Sand Blast Cabinet
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Detailed description

Sand blast equipment are suitable for surface treatment of all products,plastic and glass ect.

Sand blast equipment best sand blasting cabinet.



Sand blast machine are suitable for surface treatment of all  products of  metal, plastic and glass ect ,removing oxide skin. 

residues burrs and scratches can be used for decoration light .matte and strengthen 

management , There are cyclone separation system and dust removal system , separator will separate the 

abrasive from dust .And dust removal system can deal with and collect the emit useless dust ,and can vibrating 

clean up dust automatically .dust remove effect is good ,reduce the cost of abrasive and improve efficiency ,

and there is no environmental pollution.

Blasting media :Brown aluminum oxide,glass beads,plastic grit ,garnet abrasive ect



1) there is a thermostatic heating device which make abrasive,drying automatically to prevent abrasive from breathing

2) all the model with blast hose ,gloves ,gun with nozzle ,dust collect ,and seprator etc parts

3)5-10kgs abrasive can blast one day(about 8 hours),save the abrasive

4)shell:3mm steel plate

5)Bag-type dust collector

6)Blasting gun can be fixed, can be manually.Using cyclone separation system, automatic separate the abrasive from dust.

 the cabinet size can be customized according to requirements


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